Returned Goods Policy


The following policy applies to all Quinn (69076) labeled generic pharmaceutical products. All products eligible for return must be sent prepaid to our return goods agent, Quinn Pharmaceuticals, LLC, at 8695 Seward Road Fairfield, Ohio 45011. Quinn Pharmaceuticals will not pay/ reimburse for return goods transportation costs, handling fees, or processing fees for any product other than recalled product. Direct purchasing customers are specifically prohibited from deducting from any payment any such processing fees incurred.

Product Return Eligibility

1-­ The following goods may be returned for reimbursement under this Return Goods Policy: a) Products shipped in sealed, unopened, and full containers in a safe and secure manner. b) Products shipped in compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local regulations. c) Products within six (6) months of expiration and up to twelve (12) months after the expiration date stated on the original Quinn packaging and/or label. d) Products received in error or products damaged during shipment to customer when reported within one business week to Quinn Pharmaceuticals (866-­689-­9689).
2-­ The following goods are not eligible for return for credit under this Return Goods Policy: a) Partially or fully opened bottles, except where required by law. b) Merchandise sold on a non-­‐returnable basis, marked non-­‐returnable, professional sample, or free goods. c) Products with greater than 12 months past the expiration date. d) Products damaged by an insurable catastrophe such as fire, smoke, flood, etc. e) Products purchased and/ or distributed contrary to federal, state, or local law. f) Product packages from which labels have been removed or defaced in any manner, including products which have not been stored in proper conditions or damaged at customer’s warehouse.

Returns Good Agent and Return Authorizations

Quinn Pharmaceuticals, LLC
Customer Service
8695 Seward Road Fairfield, Ohio 45011
Phone 866-­689-­9689

Any fees for processing of non-­‐approved returns will be borne by customer.

Prior to returning any product to Quinn Pharmaceuticals, each customer must execute and deliver to Quinn an OGA verifying that all returned merchandise has been kept under proper conditions for storage, handling, and shipping as required by applicable state and Federal requirements (e.g. state Board of Pharmacy regulations, 21 CFR § 203, 205, and other applicable regulations). The OGA must be signed by a financially responsible person at the practice or by his /her delegate where written documentation of delegation exists.

Valuation of Returns

1-­ Direct customers will be issued a credit based upon the lower of the current contract price or the original invoice price at the time the product is received by Quinn. Returned Goods/2_2015
2-­ Indirect customers should return all eligible products to Quinn, who will then issue the customer credit. A credit will be issued based upon the lower of the current indirect contract price or the current Quinn standard market price at the time the product is received. If no contract exists, a credit will be issued based upon the lower of the current Quinn standard market price or the original indirect contract price at point of purchase from the wholesaler, excluding any wholesaler mark-­‐up fees.


1-­ Transportation charges, including insurance, are the responsibility of the customer unless shipped in error by Quinn and/ or its affiliates.
2-­ Quinn requires proof of purchase source on all product returned for credit.
3-­ Returned product will be promptly evaluated and credit will reflect eligibility and / or ineligibility. Once returned, product becomes property of Quinn, who reserves the right to promptly destroy any returned product whether or not eligible for credit.
4-­ Representatives are prohibited from authorizing returns of in date product or giving samples to any customer to replace product.