Quinn only manufactures products at FDA inspected facilities that meet ог exceed all standards of the US Food & Drug Administration ..

Our products meet the same standards required of the branded product and must have the same strength, quality, purity. and identity. Our products must also bе manufactured to the same standard of current Good Manufacturing Practices.

Current good manufacturing practices аге descriЬed in Title 21 of the Federal Code of Regulations in Parts 21 О and 211 in 24 pages of text:

“The regulations set forth in this part … contain the minimum сиггеnt good manufacturing practice tor methods to bе used in, and the facilities ог controls to be used tor, the manufacture, processing, packing, ог holding of а drug to assure that such drug meets the requirements of the act as to safety, and has the identity and strength and meets the quality and purity characteristics that it purports ог is represented to possess.”

Quinn’s primary manufacturer has Ьееn in ьusiness for over 20 years and has maintained an excellent reputation throughout every annual inspectiohttp:/www.accessdata.fda.govtscripts/cdrh/cfdocsicfcfr/CFRSearch.cfrn?CFRPart=210&showFR;=1n conducted bу the FDA